Monday, October 7, 2013

Have bigger wheels for your Car

Usually people are not comfortable having bigger wheels in their car. There is a common misconception related to that and that is it will increase the weight which is totally wrong and I will justify it. The simple answer to that which every lay man who have just a little knowledge about the wheels will understand that increase in weight depends on wheel but what type of wheels are you using. Either cast or forged. Vossen wheels are light weight wheels. They are manufactured through the latest forged technology and increase in size can be achieved without the need for increased material which is not possible in casting technique.

So now you can easily have bigger but light weight wheels for your cars without any second thought and increase the charm of your car. The biggest advantage of bigger wheels is that they help to have more command and grip on the speed and over all handling of the car. The braking distance is significantly reduced due to wider tires in bigger wheels. As the grip of the car is tight and driver has more command on it will be safe to drive even in wet conditions and at high speed also. 

Brakes are also directly related to the size of the wheels. Large wheels give more space to larger brakes. Large brakes will give more comfortable braking experience. It gives a more sense of safety even on bumpy and uneven roads. Also it saves your car from damages and stabilizes its drive, giving the car enthusiasts a comfortable and super luxury drive.

Still if you feel that your car will not work well with bigger wheel then consult a good experienced car rim expert he will guide you for a better decision. Jimmy at JB Custom is also very experienced with Vossen wheels and will give you what is best for you and your car.